Have you even been in foster care and if yes, you might recognize this story.

I wish I could turn back the hands of time on those days when our parents were still there to take care of us. It was like a nightmare seeing them visited by two strangers who really made me feel uncomfortable. I could not remember why afterwards, my brother and I were taken to a foster care home and really didn’t expect to stay long.
It was not because of how they took care of us. The foster care family was nice and good so my brother and I still felt comfortable despite our curiosity about how and where our parents were. My brother was the only person I really trusted and cared about, and there was a strong bond between us, as we had nobody else.
Still, some stories about siblings being separated were haunting me and my brother, though I kept praying that it would not happen to us. Some of our friends in foster care were taken by their foster parents one by one and when one sibling was taken, the other one was mourning for weeks and that was terrifying.
My biggest fear was realized on a day I will never forget. My brother was taken by a man and a woman who came by and they really adored my brother. He was so cute that everyone would love him, but I hated those two people who took him away. I still remember the look of my foster care family who hard hold on to me so I wouldn’t chase after the car that took him away. I really miss my brother now whom I’ve haven’t seen for fifteen years now. I love my brother and need to know if he’s happy, is he safe or is he just OK. Not knowing leaves a hole in my heart, empty spot which awakens my memories with sadness’s for that boy, my brother. His picture is just like any other 10 year old torn away from family, and when it’s your own brother, the missing, the longing and sadness stays with you.
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