Have you seen him?

Children are the greatest gift that any parent could receive and caring for those children is just a small part of the responsibilities that go along with being that parent.  Yet, in today’s would there are literally 1 billion past due in paying their child support.  Those statistics are not acceptable in the slightest.

Many parents are not able to provide their kids with the things they need because the other parent is not taking on their half of the responsibility.  Failure to pay child support or provide financial assistance for kids is one of the main reasons so many families are living in poverty.  Not all people are lucky enough to be able to find a great job that will provide all the needs for their families; some work two or more jobs and still are barely making it.

With the rising cost of food, living and daily necessities, we all need to do our part in making sure our kids don’t go without.

As a parent it’s our job to take on the responsibility of providing for our kids no matter what the situation is.  Kids don’t understand why they have to go to bed hungry or why the lights and water get turned off and they shouldn’t because one parent fails to take on their responsibility.  The rise of children in need would go down if we all do our part in providing and ensuring them that they will have all the basic things they need to succeed in life.

Jeff Cimaglio owes over $17,000