This isn’t your missing child but one y

This isn’t your missing child but one you might have seen.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when everything that they call
“normal” grinds to a halt. An unexpected illness, a bad car accident, a
house fire ..or when a family member does not come home. We take it for
granted that our loved one will be in our lives, but when they go missing
the pain can be heart wrenching. Did you know that 2300 new missing people’s
cases occur every day? 800,000 active cases a year. These statistics sound
like they are from a third-world country, but they are not. These are United
States statistics. For the parent, spouse or sibling of a missing person a
unique circumstance exists. Unlike the passing of a loved one, there is no
way to find peace. Closure. Even when people are the victims of violent
crimes there is at least some medicum of closure for the family when the
offender is brought to justice and receives their sentence. But closure for
the family of a missing person? For anyone who is missing a beloved family
member, these are always going to be questions: What happened? Are they
still out there? Are they coming home? This experience has to be one of the
most difficult anyone could ever have the displeasure to go through.

Fortunately, a small measure of hope does exist. A case in Cleveland, Ohio,
where three women Located and reunited with their families after 10 years.
And Mrs. Suiter reunited with her son Tommy
after many years, because she posted his picture on Video Locators. We don’t
have to tell a person of never give up hope in finding their loved ones .
We’re here to help and you can help, too. Take a
few minutes, look at a few pictures and there might be someone you know that
is missing. Together, we could bring them home & all you have to do is visit
Video Locators every now and then.

Danger for a Girl in the Suburbs Alexand

Danger for a Girl in the Suburbs
Alexandra “Ali” Lowitzer
Reward: $20,000

Parents often warn their children about the danger in large cities, but it seems the shock is multiplied when it happens in a normally-safe neighborhood. This was the case for the Lowitzer Family. Ali Lowitzer was a typical 16 year old high school student that was interested in choir, art, and had a new job at the Burger Barn. April 26th, 2010 was an average Monday for Ali with intensions of going to school then walking to work. So, when her mother found out that Ali never showed up to work after school, she was struck with panic. The last time anyone saw Ali, she was walking toward her home after exiting the school bus. Eternal agony has enveloped Ali’s family as they continue to search for their sweet child.

Help find missing people like Ali Lowitzer. Video Locators has an online database with information about missing people and is a way to reunite them with their loved-ones. Go to to help today. You may be the one person that can bring a child home.

Still looking for Kim Sue Leggett Going

Still looking for Kim Sue Leggett

Going to work on a normal day, Kim Sue was planning to do so many things. Being young and beautiful, she seemed to have a very bright future. But in October of 1984 her life turned out very different, as she went missing and her family has not being able to find her. After all this time they still have hope that she will be back to be with her family, back to her life… back to be happy.

Video Locators is helping to bring back Kim Sue. Any help we provide is worth a family’s hapiness. You can provide help too. Check our website for more details.

From the Daily Mail: A mother has been r

From the Daily Mail:

A mother has been reunited with her son, five years after the boy was abducted by his father as a baby.
Two-year-old Keoni Masumoto was living in San Diego with his mother, Leilani Masumoto, when he was snatched by his father, Julio Rocha, causing heartache and misery for his mom.
Rocha then fled to Mexico City with the toddler and left him there.

Abandoned by his father, separated from his mother, Julio was taken in by his grandparents, 2,000 miles from home.
Now aged seven, he has finally been returned home, after being spotted by neighbors who recognized him as the face of a missing children’s poster they had seen online.
They contacted police and Julio’s homecoming was set in motion.

This is the kind of story we are working so hard to facilitate. Go to our website at: and see if you can make someones dream of seeing their loved ones again come true!

The search continues… it will not stop

The search continues… it will not stop

Carla Vicentini, a beautiful woman whose smile is the joy and pride of her family disappeared on February 10, 2006. At age 23 she had many dreams, but so far is not possible to say if those dreams have or will come true. Her family is making a lot of efforts to locate her, and any help they can get will alleviate the pain that surrounds them today. They haven’t lost hope, and all the tears they have shed mean their hearths need closure, and the best closure is to have Carla back where she belongs.

Video Locators shares the pain of Carla’s family, and we hope that spreading the word can lead to any leads to find Carla. She deserves that.

We never stop helping. We’re continuall

We never stop helping. We’re continually searching information that can lead to find missing persons like Brad, who’s been missing since 2007. His family is desperate, and they need to have the peace and hapiness they deserve.

Your help is really appreciated. Just by sharing this you might be lending a hand to this family. Is it worth it? We think so.


Ricky is his name, he is missing. His pa

Ricky is his name, he is missing. His parents are looking for him. We can help if we have the opportunity to provide information about his whereabouts. The issue is real, not fiction, and we want to be part of the solution.

Don’t ignore it, you can spread the word about this service to help families get together again. Help is something worthy to have a better society.