Let’s start from the beginning, with a man and woman in California. He was a young florist, and she came to work at his store. There was an attraction from almost the first day and two years later they were married. Their daughter was born the following year, and their son was born a year later. For almost ten years things were great, with the couple owning and running a small business.
Just before Christmas the building they leased with two other businesses caught fire. The owner had no fire insurance and the couples, insurance was limited. By late January, the strain was almost too much for the couple. The wife wanted to move to southern California and live there, but the husband was running a franchise flower shop. There were many debates, and they were drifting apart. The wife began seeing another man. Then they divorced. The oldest child was very much a daddy’s girl. She went with her father and the boy with the mother. We could go into details at the time but it was simple, somehow the father ended up with the girl. Then the mother moved to southern California and the father protested but she left anyway. It took him almost a year locate her and his son. The mother came up with creative stories about the father to cloud the issue each time he would want to visit her city, Pasadena, for the kids to spend some time with each other. The mother told the girl many negative stories about him and she said it in front both of the children.
There were plans for a summer visit where the little boy and his sister would spend some time together, but when the daughter and Dad arrived the house was vacant. There was no one there, no one in the community knew anything but that the woman’s husband died in a car accident a few months back.
The girl and her dad went back home and the father didn’t want his daughters’ education wouldn’t suffer. So father moved to Dayton, Ohio. Dad had a great business and had a store on the east and west side. His daughter went on to college and studied botany. She got her degree in that subject, and the next thing you know she’s taken over the upper level of his first building and is a full pledge botanist. The next thing you know she married and has a child of her own.
For some 25 years she tried many different ways to find her brother. Then last Christmas it really got her. Her husband stepped in because he felt with the loss of her father earlier that year, he wanted to do everything he could to help her. He contacted V LOCATORS and wanted to pay us to help. We explained there wasn’t any cost to the family, we get the sponsors.
We started our process of getting information, tons of information and picture alone weren’t enough and that’s why we’ve been giving you a story. To get to the end of this story and share the good news, here is what we found out:
• The mother passed away when the boy was a senior in high school, and he went to live with friends from the church he attended.
• He worked and attended college and got a degree in, and here is the kicker Botany.
• He was 6’ tall and his sister was 5’6”
• He was in the service for 3 years and then married.
• He then started a florist shop.
• One thing about industries, they usually have conventions and we found one in Chicago and gave a list of companies attending and, yes, on one of them, his name appeared.
• His sister was also planning to attend.
Initially we just called the individual, but she wasn’t at home but on route to the convention. Then her husband wanted to be part of it. So, he and his kids drove to Chicago and surprised her with a visit and said he wanted to introduce her to someone he knows there.
They all walked slowly to the other side of the convention. When they turned the corner, she saw one man with tears in his eyes. They walked up to him and her husband said Sue, “I want to introduce you to your brother.” They embraced and everyone that who knew was crying with joy that only come from ones heart that was touched with visual joy.
Now you know why we do what we do because you can’t buy that type of joy at any price.


One of the initial questions asked, if we can use any images, names or true information for promotions and guess what, 9 out of 10 say no!

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