Stories while out and around

Last week I went to my local bank to make a deposit. When I entered the bank’s lobby, it was quiet and there was only one teller, who greeted me in a very professional manner and with a smile. Then she asked: “Aren’t you the guy who helps people find people?” I smiled and said “Yes, I am!” The teller lowered her head ever so slightly as if she was pondering what to say. Then she looked up quickly and asked: “Do you think you could help me?” “Perhaps. What can you tell me?” I replied.
Apparently, this woman gave birth to a baby girl some twenty eight years ago but gave up the baby for adoption. The teller further explained that, at the time, giving up her baby seemed to be the right thing to do for several reasons. Now, the woman feels as if something is missing or she needs to fill a persistent emptiness. Now she just wants to know if the little girl (who is now a woman) has any desire or need to meet or know her birth mother.
This story exemplifies exactly why we do what we do. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar stories, like the New York girl who in 1969 gave up her twin boys and wants to know……..
In order to help market our ability to help people find missing loved ones, we could use your support. Please visit the link below and consider lending your support by making a donation. Remember, there is a son or daughter looking for a parent or perhaps you or a member of your family have questions we can help answer. We’re here. We can help. But we need your support and assistance to help us help people locate their missing loved ones.


What if it was your mother missing

Baby Boomers were raised by stay-at-home moms who were easily taken for granted, simply because they were always there..Most of us can think back to hearing their mother’s voice, the words you likely heard more than once or twice. If your mom said “Always look for the good in a person,” she gave you the gift of optimism. If she said, “Always try your hardest,” she taught you the value of quality. So when you’re in a quiet place and listen to the voice of your mom, because if she’s missing from your life, you hear these words over and over again

Today, however, we’re dealing with Mother’s Day when your Mom has gone missing.  Sometimes there is no explanation, reasoning or understanding why this happened but you hold on to memories – a birthday, a holiday or an anniversary, and those memories.  On Mother’s day, everyone is focused on their mothers.  So the feeling of missing your Mom – as if you’re the only one in the country without a mother, can deepen the feelings of loss.

So today we ask you to just look around help us find this Mom, Mrs. Rosa Rogolio, missing on Mother’s Day. Her daughter needs your help in finding her mom.

OK its not your mother but you might have seen here, she seemed strange in her actions or how she relate to others when they ask questions about family.

Did you know:

There are 1 million registered missing adults each year and on average 797,500 missing children.

So what can you do, just to help, 5 minutes of your time looking at the missing on