Father and Husband Missing

John William Glasgow was a husband and a father from Little Rock Arkansas. He provided well for his family as he was employed as a chief financial officer at a construction company. Glasgow has been missing since January 28, 2008. He is 45 years old, and has brown hair and green eyes, and experiences a slight facial tic when under stress. Glasgow was last seen on South Lookout St in Little Rock, and his wife assumed he had gone into work early. Imagine her worry when she was notified later that day from John’s employer that he hadn’t shown up for work that day. The day after he went missing, his vehicle with all of his belongings was found in a parking lot. After searching the area with no sign of Glasgow, his family became worried for the worst. If you have any information as to Glasgow’s disappearance or whereabouts, it would be greatly appreciated by both his family, and his wife and child that were left behind.


College Student Missing

Brogan Dulle, a 21 year old college student at the University of Cincinnati has gone missing. He has not been seen since early morning Sunday 5/18/2014.

Mothers words for missing son: “We love you and we miss you terribly,” she said. “We are worried sick about you. We need you home.”

Dulle spent the night at The St. Clair and Mac’s Pizza before going back to his apartment on E McMillan St in Clifton, OH. He realized he had misplaced his cell phone around 2 a.m. and decided to retrace his steps in an effort to locate it. Brogan never returned home, and hasn’t been seen since that early morning.

Both his family and his Bearcat family only want to see him safely back home. Search teams have been organized and sent out to look for any clue to Brogan’s whereabouts, and any information or even just a helping hand would mean the world to his family in need.


Bring Kyron Home

Kyron Horman is a young boy from Multnomah County in Oregon, and he has been missing for almost exactly four years. He has a smile that can light up your day, and has sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Kyron has not been seen since a school science fair June 4, 2010 at Skyline School. It is incredibly hard to lose a child, and especially when they were somewhere safe like a school. Please contact us with information that could help bring this child home to his family.



Young and missing

Lauren Spierer, a student of Indiana University has been missing for almost exactly three years, since 2011. She stands at 4 ft 11in, with a head of blonde hair and blue eyes. Lauren lit up the lives of both her parents and loved ones, and her disappearance has left them in despair and heartache. Lauren is from Bloomington IN, but was last seen early in the morning of June 3rd 2011, as she walked toward her Smallwood Plaza apartment at about 4:30am, it was one of those early mornings that are pleasant with a slight warm wind that would make some rather walk home than get a ride. Charlene Spierer, Lauren’s mother, composed a blog addressed to those responsible for her daughter’s disappearance.
“You were with Lauren, you know what happened, and you know where she is.” Charlene wrote.
Any information or assistance that could help bring this sweet girl back to her family and friends would be an amazing gift during this nightmare.



The Difference

They ask what is different about Video Locators as a people search site.

Currently, when you search for someone online most of the time you end up at a background checking website.  These simply are government database systems and there isn’t anything of the person, their life or their family.  There is nothing on how they came to be missing, the circumstance of their missing status or how they might have felt. There is nothing about the family, friends or relatives that are looking for them. Video Locators puts the story back into the life of the missing, the where, when and how they became missing.  We market the story of the person, in a very unique way.  We use a combination demographics search methods as well as social media and a marketing method called the Gatekeeper as well as community sponsorships.


People , lost or missing , locator service    http://www.videolocators.com



What if it was your mother missing

Baby Boomers were raised by stay-at-home moms who were easily taken for granted, simply because they were always there..Most of us can think back to hearing their mother’s voice, the words you likely heard more than once or twice. If your mom said “Always look for the good in a person,” she gave you the gift of optimism. If she said, “Always try your hardest,” she taught you the value of quality. So when you’re in a quiet place and listen to the voice of your mom, because if she’s missing from your life, you hear these words over and over again

Today, however, we’re dealing with Mother’s Day when your Mom has gone missing.  Sometimes there is no explanation, reasoning or understanding why this happened but you hold on to memories – a birthday, a holiday or an anniversary, and those memories.  On Mother’s day, everyone is focused on their mothers.  So the feeling of missing your Mom – as if you’re the only one in the country without a mother, can deepen the feelings of loss.

So today we ask you to just look around help us find this Mom, Mrs. Rosa Rogolio, missing on Mother’s Day. Her daughter needs your help in finding her mom.


OK its not your mother but you might have seen here, she seemed strange in her actions or how she relate to others when they ask questions about family.

Did you know:

There are 1 million registered missing adults each year and on average 797,500 missing children.

So what can you do, just to help, 5 minutes of your time looking at the missing on videolocators.com


With the holidays around the corner or upon us, it is a time for most families to gather together and celebrate each other and develop the memories they close to them.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for every family. There are many families where a sister, brother, mother or father isn’t at the table, their spot conspicuously empty.


The memories can’t be made like an Aunt Mary that brings one of her crazy friends as an uninvited guest or her famous burnt pies.  These are memories that give families unique difference from one another and those individual memories and why it can create the missing plate.

When someone is missing in the family memories are lost too.  But you can help.  By identifying a missing person through the images on Video Locators, YOU could help reunite lost loved one like the friend that identified Tommy Suiter, after his mother posted his image.


So let’s help a family fill that empty spot at the table, just by looking at the images on http://www.videolocators.com/Contact.aspx?id=1984



The Daughter

When your daughter goes missing, it’s like your life is being torn apart at the seams. There’s a manic period of time where you just want to find her, do anything to ensure her safety as you did when she was a little child.
A missing person makes such a difference to the atmosphere in a home. The person you wanted to talk to about the funny thing that happened during the day isn’t there. The beautiful young women you expected to rush down the stairs and tell you to how her day was, isn’t there. You remember the last night, on her way to bed, she wanted to remind you of her trip schedule and you remember how excited she was about it. You didn’t realize that cold winter night would be the last time you would hear her soft voice and you’ll never forget. Now, as you stand looking out the window at another cold winter night, that voice rings in your empty heart and you wonder, again, if she’s safe. It’s impossible to explain or understand without suffering the devastation of a daughter in your life going missing, but it’s assured – anyone who has experienced that heart-numbing pain knows… that pain reaches deep down to the bottom of a mothers soul and never lets her forget.

Have you even been in foster care and if yes, you might recognize this story.

I wish I could turn back the hands of time on those days when our parents were still there to take care of us. It was like a nightmare seeing them visited by two strangers who really made me feel uncomfortable. I could not remember why afterwards, my brother and I were taken to a foster care home and really didn’t expect to stay long.
It was not because of how they took care of us. The foster care family was nice and good so my brother and I still felt comfortable despite our curiosity about how and where our parents were. My brother was the only person I really trusted and cared about, and there was a strong bond between us, as we had nobody else.
Still, some stories about siblings being separated were haunting me and my brother, though I kept praying that it would not happen to us. Some of our friends in foster care were taken by their foster parents one by one and when one sibling was taken, the other one was mourning for weeks and that was terrifying.
My biggest fear was realized on a day I will never forget. My brother was taken by a man and a woman who came by and they really adored my brother. He was so cute that everyone would love him, but I hated those two people who took him away. I still remember the look of my foster care family who hard hold on to me so I wouldn’t chase after the car that took him away. I really miss my brother now whom I’ve haven’t seen for fifteen years now. I love my brother and need to know if he’s happy, is he safe or is he just OK. Not knowing leaves a hole in my heart, empty spot which awakens my memories with sadness’s for that boy, my brother. His picture is just like any other 10 year old torn away from family, and when it’s your own brother, the missing, the longing and sadness stays with you.
In just 5 minutes you might know someone