“When a child needs more than a parent”

Can you imagine it? A sweet, little girl who is better off when she is NOT with her biological parents because they are unfit to raise her? Well, in the case of our dear, beloved Kaylyn, that is exactly the situation. She was stolen from us by the very people who lost all legal rights to be with her: her mother and father! What does it say about their character that they would forcibly take her away from us? What does it say about their lack of decency?

And so, we are urgently trying to find our darling Kaylyn, for we know these ‘parents’ of hers are too irresponsible and selfish to care for her well-being. We are terribly worried that Kaylyn will be harmed, or neglected, or exposed to things she shouldn’t be. If you could put yourself in our shoes, you would know our pain.
Won’t you please help? If you have seen the face of our precious angel (whom you can see in the picture, with her strawberry-blonde hair and her bright blue eyes), then please, PLEASE contact us! We are so desperate to get our Kaylyn back home where she will be happy and safe again. The last time she was seen was on August 29th of 2017 in North Adams Maine. We are almost 100% certain that she is traveling with her parents—constantly moving from place to place as they desperately try to avoid detection.

The last car they were known to be driving was a black, 1997 Subaru Legacy, with a Massachusetts license plate number 8BC W90.

This is a child that needs a stable education, home and people who love her and that want the best for her. Thinking of Kaylyn first!

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