• The problem we’re solving
    • We’re helping people find the missing and wanted in their lives by using a proprietary marketing method that promotes the story and circumstances generating stronger and better results.  Our proprietary marketing method and findings are supported proof by Google Analytic’s and Alexa.com.
  • Business model
  • Business Model is simple and straightforward. We help people find the missing or wanted in their lives by allowing them to post images and information on our site.  In our confirmation process we’re in contact with the users and convert them to using our full marketing service at less than $240.00r per year.
  • The proprietary Marketing Method also allows us to lock out competitors and lock in lead generation. It combines PPC (Paid Clicks) with Social Media as well as Community Marketing
  • Product roadmap & timeline

o    We’ve created a beta website that has proven the success of the hypothesis and of our projections. Once funded we’ll start generating revenue after 6-9 months and healthy growth after 12-18 months

  • Size of market we’re addressing

o    Our initial market share will be less than 1% but will generate $1 Million plus per month after the first year to 18 months of operation

  • Competitive landscape

o    Our competitors are 85% charitable, 3% legal industry, and 12% background checking firms that purchase 90% of online ad space

  • Projections / Financials

o    Projections hypothesis have achieved credibility by matching and surpassing reach percentage of viewers giving us the potential assurance that the same will follow on revenue generating as calculated.

  • Team Overview

o    The team has been 100% onboard with stock issued to them which has a par value of $1.00 per share. It has been almost 3 years but 50% of the team is still onboard and ready to go full time.

Summary – V Locators activity is based on a strategy that emphasizes creativity and speed in evaluating and capitalizing on the emotional marketing side of internet search as it relates to people who are lost or missing. The company is using an unconventional and proprietary marketing method that opens opportunities to develop more profitable and productive results.


They say if you want a healthier life and add a few years to your longevity, you have to do something so simple, so direct and so effortless, what are you waiting for? What is it? Helping others, giving to others and sometimes it can just be a simple act of kindness.

HOW WE GOT STARTED & WHY  – http://www.videolocators.com/TheStory.aspx






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