John William Glasgow was a husband and a father from Little Rock Arkansas. He provided well for his family as he was employed as a chief financial officer at a construction company. Glasgow has been missing since January 28, 2008. He is 45 years old, and has brown hair and green eyes, and experiences a slight facial tic when under stress. Glasgow was last seen on South Lookout St in Little Rock, and his wife assumed he had gone into work early. Imagine her worry when she was notified later that day from John’s employer that he hadn’t shown up for work that day. The day after he went missing, his vehicle with all of his belongings was found in a parking lot. After searching the area with no sign of Glasgow, his family became worried for the worst. If you have any information as to Glasgow’s disappearance or whereabouts, it would be greatly appreciated by both his family, and his wife and child that were left behind.