Young and missing

Lauren Spierer, a student of Indiana University has been missing for almost exactly three years, since 2011. She stands at 4 ft 11in, with a head of blonde hair and blue eyes. Lauren lit up the lives of both her parents and loved ones, and her disappearance has left them in despair and heartache. Lauren is from Bloomington IN, but was last seen early in the morning of June 3rd 2011, as she walked toward her Smallwood Plaza apartment at about 4:30am, it was one of those early mornings that are pleasant with a slight warm wind that would make some rather walk home than get a ride. Charlene Spierer, Lauren’s mother, composed a blog addressed to those responsible for her daughter’s disappearance.
“You were with Lauren, you know what happened, and you know where she is.” Charlene wrote.
Any information or assistance that could help bring this sweet girl back to her family and friends would be an amazing gift during this nightmare.


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