With the holidays around the corner or upon us, it is a time for most families to gather together and celebrate each other and develop the memories they close to them.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for every family. There are many families where a sister, brother, mother or father isn’t at the table, their spot conspicuously empty.


The memories can’t be made like an Aunt Mary that brings one of her crazy friends as an uninvited guest or her famous burnt pies.  These are memories that give families unique difference from one another and those individual memories and why it can create the missing plate.

When someone is missing in the family memories are lost too.  But you can help.  By identifying a missing person through the images on Video Locators, YOU could help reunite lost loved one like the friend that identified Tommy Suiter, after his mother posted his image.


So let’s help a family fill that empty spot at the table, just by looking at the images on


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