This isn’t your missing child but one y

This isn’t your missing child but one you might have seen.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when everything that they call
“normal” grinds to a halt. An unexpected illness, a bad car accident, a
house fire ..or when a family member does not come home. We take it for
granted that our loved one will be in our lives, but when they go missing
the pain can be heart wrenching. Did you know that 2300 new missing people’s
cases occur every day? 800,000 active cases a year. These statistics sound
like they are from a third-world country, but they are not. These are United
States statistics. For the parent, spouse or sibling of a missing person a
unique circumstance exists. Unlike the passing of a loved one, there is no
way to find peace. Closure. Even when people are the victims of violent
crimes there is at least some medicum of closure for the family when the
offender is brought to justice and receives their sentence. But closure for
the family of a missing person? For anyone who is missing a beloved family
member, these are always going to be questions: What happened? Are they
still out there? Are they coming home? This experience has to be one of the
most difficult anyone could ever have the displeasure to go through.

Fortunately, a small measure of hope does exist. A case in Cleveland, Ohio,
where three women Located and reunited with their families after 10 years.
And Mrs. Suiter reunited with her son Tommy
after many years, because she posted his picture on Video Locators. We don’t
have to tell a person of never give up hope in finding their loved ones .
We’re here to help and you can help, too. Take a
few minutes, look at a few pictures and there might be someone you know that
is missing. Together, we could bring them home & all you have to do is visit
Video Locators every now and then.

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