Danger for a Girl in the Suburbs Alexand

Danger for a Girl in the Suburbs
Alexandra “Ali” Lowitzer
Reward: $20,000

Parents often warn their children about the danger in large cities, but it seems the shock is multiplied when it happens in a normally-safe neighborhood. This was the case for the Lowitzer Family. Ali Lowitzer was a typical 16 year old high school student that was interested in choir, art, and had a new job at the Burger Barn. April 26th, 2010 was an average Monday for Ali with intensions of going to school then walking to work. So, when her mother found out that Ali never showed up to work after school, she was struck with panic. The last time anyone saw Ali, she was walking toward her home after exiting the school bus. Eternal agony has enveloped Ali’s family as they continue to search for their sweet child.

Help find missing people like Ali Lowitzer. Video Locators has an online database with information about missing people and is a way to reunite them with their loved-ones. Go to http://www.VideoLocators.com to help today. You may be the one person that can bring a child home.


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