Philip and Frank Wesley (Wesley Twins) T

Philip and Frank Wesley (Wesley Twins)

The year 1969 is usually associated with the first Moon landing, the Vietnam war, and hippies at Woodstock. Yet for Claudia, 1969 was a year that changed the course of the rest of her life. Just three weeks after Woodstock, Claudia was giving birth to two twin boys in Manhattan, New York. In an era that promoted peace and love, the court system created suffering and chaos when they took Claudia’s twins and sealed the court records. She has not seen her boys since. Claudia has had to live with the most unthinkable nightmare of losing her children for over 4 decades now. Can you help Claudia? What if you were her? If you have any information about the twins, Philip and Frank Wesley, you could help reunite a family torn apart 43 years ago. At video locators, you can find information about missing people like these twin boys and reunite loved-ones. It’s about people helping people. So, see whose life you can change today, at Video Locators.


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