Alexandria Lowitzer (update 2012) and he

Alexandria Lowitzer (update 2012) and her family need your help now more than ever. This (at the time) 16 year old girl from Texas went missing a little over a year ago. The sorrow and grief her family still feels over the very sudden disappearance of their beloved daughter is so much pain to bear. Her parents do not believe this was a runaway case, she was a happy, young and artistic girl with many friends. In fact one of the clues pointing the family to her being possibly abducted is that her cell phone charger was left at home, she spent hours texting her friends all day and it was very out of her character to up and leave everything important to her. No parent should ever have to face the reality that their child, their reason for living be missing. We at Video Locators ask that if you have any information, as small as it may seem of the whereabouts of Alexandria ‘Ali’ Lowitzer that you please give any and all information over so that together we can end this and end the pain her parents are feeling.


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