SHARON – I am a twenty five year old wom

SHARON – I am a twenty five year old woman and I have been searching for my missing brother for the past twelve years. We were separated after my parents died in a car crash and there was no one else to take care of us. Dealing with the loss of a parent can be hard and stressful, but having to deal with the loss of two parents was almost too much to bear. None of my aunts or uncles came to my parents wake or funeral and we had to depend on the state. As expected, Social Services caught up with us. We were ripped from our home, the place we were used to and the place that held all the memories we ever had when our parents were alive. I understood that Social Services people meant well, but it was too much for both of us. We were adopted into foster care into different families not long after and that was when I lost touch with my twin brother.

I have searched all the social sites I can think of, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace. All of them. Is it possible for someone to be wiped off the face of the earth without any trace and all? Or is it just that he does not want to be found? All I have left of my brother is the picture I have been using to try to find him. Please if anyone knows someone who looks like him please contact me.

A friend told me that I could use the Video Locators to find people and this is why I am giving it a try. The turmoil in life is much too great because I do not know whether he is alive or not. I have been shoved on the street for mistaking certain people for my missing brother and I just need this to stop. If you are a member of the family that took him in please let me know what happened. Not having my brother in my world is a sad feeling and that hole needs to be filled. I love my brother and need your help, please.


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