Baby Kidnapped From Crib While Parents Slept
Christopher Enoch Abeyta
REWARD: $100,000.00

A bright blue-eyed boy was born Thanksgiving Day 1985. When most families were sitting at the table eating turkey, this family was in the hospital giving thanks for Chris, their new healthy baby. Unfortunately, the celebration came to a screeching halt only 7 months later, when Chris was kidnapped. Most families feel safe when they are inside their homes, but for this family, that security was stolen the night of July 15, 1986. Not only was Chris in his crib in the family home, but his mother and father were sleeping just a few feet away in the same room. Imagine, tucking in your little boy one night, everyone is safe, warm, and joyful. The next day your family is in panic, and the course of your entire life is altered. How can a mother and father have any optimism after losing a child? Well somehow there is still hope, because 26 years later Chris’s family is still searching.