She Never Made It to School – Tabitha Tu

She Never Made It to School – Tabitha Tudors
Reward: $25,000

A common misconception is only children that are “mixed up with the wrong crowd” are likely to go missing. Tabitha is proof that an innocent little girl, on her way to school, can be abducted. Straight-A student, Tabitha Tudors, went missing from her Nashville, Tennessee neighborhood in 2003. Her parents were very supportive of Tabitha, encouraging her to be involved with school choir, making friends, and teaching her responsibility. Yet, her perfect attendance record seems futile now, because she never made it to school the morning she went missing. She was reading over her homework and walking to the bus stop, and hasn’t been heard from since. As if this hardship wasn’t enough, Tabitha’s caring uncle, Billy Tuder, has since been murdered. Billy was killed in result of a robbery-gone-bad about 5 years after Tabitha mysteriously went missing.

The Tuders Family have gone through tragedy after tragedy. Can you help bring them an miracle instead of despair? Have you seen Tabitha? At Video Locaters, we have a database of missing children, adults, and many other categories. Search Video Locators for missing children, like Tabitha, and be apart of people helping people.


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