The runaways

Kids from all ages can be part of this statistic: in 2002, of the 66,532 children reported missing, 52,390 were runaways. Those kids are prone to have problems with the law or can be rejected from some social circles.

Our efforts are geared towards locating those kids that are being missed by their families, because we are part of the community, just like you are part of it as well, and together we can make a difference in the life of any lost soul wandering possibly close to your place and with a chance of getting into trouble.

A society without kids living in the streets will always be a better one, and we dream of eliminating this problem. We can do it together. We can let everybody know about this company that brings together millions of people that with little effort could lend a hand to someone in need… in need of information regarding the whereabouts of their loved one.

We keep dreaming… because our kids need us.

Examples like Branson, a young vibrant man described in the link below, show how serious this is. If you have seen him you can do something, we have no doubt!

The Video Locators team