Do you want to know why? The objective w

Do you want to know why?
The objective was to use what we know, use our minds, our resources, and the power, to make people lives just a little bit better. Then we said “what people?”, and the answer came easily to the founder who spent years trying to locate his father and brothers.

So Video Locators built a platform to help people find people, so they don’t have to sit alone and wonder where and when. Help people create a community driven site that can be accessed via cheap Android or cell phones.

Did you know that 18-20% of the people you already know, or meet every day, have someone missing from their lives? Video Locators specifically targets 2 types of people:

• Those people with someone missing , and
• Those who want to help

You don’t even have to do it for free. If you provide something that these people need at a price they can afford, they will love you.

We are some of the smartest, most empowered humans who have ever lived. We have so much. Can we use our minds, our skills, our resources to make the world a better place for people who never had the opportunities we have? It would cost us so little, and we can accomplish so much.

We can be better. We can be amazing. We can be heroes, we can help and that’s why we created Video Locators, to help
The stories on this facebook are stories of the people we’re helping but you can visit our website to help others.


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