Everyday people go missing and when this happens it can be devastating to a family. A missing person can leave a hole in a family, a hole that cannot be filled without having the person return to them. There is no pain greater than loving and holding someone one day, and then knowing they are gone the next.

There is such a feeling of hopelessness when a loved one is taken from us. The sense that we could have prevented the loss can be overwhelming. Often we feel as if we are to to blame. The hardest thing in life may be to suddenly have a love one snatched away. The fear that they are in pain, hurt, cold, scared, and helpless may be too much to bear.

I cannot think of anything more heartbreaking than having a loved one go missing. There is no pain greater than not knowing where someone you love is and if they are safe, or even alive.

Her name is Linnea Lomax and her parents are waiting for her. You can help just by looking at some photos.