Just imagine…

The worst thing that can ever happen to a parent is to lose a child, whether by separation, divorce, abduction or otherwise. Imagine the devastation that a mother or father feels when a child is missing because a parent stepped outside the law and did what they thought was best for them and a child, instead of what was really best for the child. It is very emotional to suddenly feel the cruelness of an ex-spouse taking a child away.
For a parent, the greatest pain is not knowing where your son or daughter is. This is an unbearable grief that isn’t pleasant to endure yet alone to understand if you’re not the parent. Imagine a custodial parent that followed the law, trusting the other parent with the opportunity to visit and assist with the care and raising of their child–only to have that trust betrayed by the unlawful abduction of the child. Every night the mother, or the father, lays down in bed wonders where the child is, are they safe, are they eating well, are they in school and are they happy. And when they wake up it starts all over again, the wondering, the worrying and the pain that sits in the soul of a person.
This is what the mother of little a daughter called Italy goes through every day. Italy Ortiz was abducted by her father Joel Ortiz-Martinez. It was an unlawful abduction, with the father not willing to do what was best for his daughter and not caring that a daughter needs her mother first, We know the pain the mother is going through; we’re sure you can feel some of it and just shudder at the thought of what she must feel. Help this mother, help this child be reunited.

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